This is my finish product of just MY portion. Quinn (my boyfriend) did some extra work of his own. This is probably considered my first finished product created digitally since I graduated.  I have more coming along since this but far from finish. Big adventure ahead.

Done in illustrator 


©Gretti-lee designs

Working on a piece with my boyfriend for a League of Legends team logo 

After long amounts of thinking and trying to get myself going again after graduating, this is my first digital piece. I’m about 75-80% done I feel just trying to sort out skin tone, hair etc. 


Playing around with Alice in Wonderland quotes. 

A precursor to an epic adventure! Part 1 | The Hive

For anyone around Ann Arbor MI, The Hive has been  a big step into doing things after graduating. This is the link to my latest article and soon there will be more!

Pen tool assignment in Illustrator cs6.

My haiku about Ann Arbor, MI


I don’t want to leave this “Untitled” but as of right now I don’t have a name for it. This was a piece I did last year based on the idea of man made objects are taking over nature but nature will always find a way in the end. I posted this piece but this is a much better photo with more detail shots of it. 

Mixed Media on Japanese rice paper

Panglao, Bohol, Philippines.

From September 5th-24th I stayed in the Philippines with family and enjoyed my vacation there after graduating with an undergrad in Fine Arts. The only sad part about this trip is that it had to end

This was my Tita’s (Aunt’s) second cousin’s backyard. I spent 2 wonderful days here before moving on to other islands. 

Made my first 3D piece in Adobe Illustrator CS6. I know its pretty simple but they said Dice was a great start to getting use to these tools and styles. I feel mostly successful. I wish I went back and made them either more white or add funky colors to it instead. 

I have taken an new approach to my artwork. During my journey to visit my mom’s home country, the Philippines, I have gathered up inspiration through the culture, the people living here, the traffic, country side, the wonders of this country and the city love.

My new works will consist of interpretations of the life I see. The beauty, the endearing, romantic and the crude.